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this is solely my Fitblr
Hello there, my name is Amanda, I'm 23, and this is my weightloss blog
I entered college around 175/180.. I was also 18... now 4 years later, I graduated being at the highest I've ever been of 205 in May. After deciding to be pro-active over the summer and joining a gym I decided in September 2012 I need more support and thinspiration. Thus, I tumble.
Feel free to join me on this journey.

S/W & H/W : 205.6
C/W: 173.5 March 1
UGW: 130 (By Halloween 2013)
32 down , 33.5 to go
Time to get serious and stick to my goals.

I Vow…

Hey followers, I thought of something tonight when I saw this chic tweet who totally changed her personality now that she went down a few sizes. Ex. 'a skinny betch' So I figured I'd start something that peole could add onto with 'their vows' from once they reach their Ultimate Weightloss Goal

I Vow once I reach my Weight Loss Goal…

  1. To be happy with myself and my success
  2. To motivate friends and family ‘if i could do it, you definitely can to’
  3. To never ridicule someone who is overweight (never forget your roots)
  4. To donate your old fat clothes to charitable organizations, but keep a pair of pants to always remind you how far you’ve come
  5. Ladies, pedicure it up ! your feet have gone through a LOT of cardio, treat yourself to a relaxing day
  6. Show off your success !

Reblog and add on to the vows!

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